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What is mysexualhealthGuide.com?

guia sexual

Mysexualhealthguide.com is a fresh and modern alternative, design especially for today’s couples, where you can find a variety of advices and steps for improving and enhancing your intimate life.

If you’re single don’t worry, we also have a great deal of information and tips for you!

Our site focuses in these four essentials ingredients:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Romance
  • Seduction
  • Sexual Techniques

We all love lovemaking, but…
Did you know that sex provides amazing benefits for your physical and mental health?

Not every couple is aware of the importance of having a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

How can we achieve it?

It’s not all about positions and techniques.  It takes the preparation, the scenes, the aromas, the colors, the emotions and the senses….

A fulfilling sexuality involves the opening of your senses towards eroticism and sensuality…

A fulfilling sex life considers health and beauty, the way you treat your partner, your skills to come up with romantic details and prepare a romantic environment.  Finally, a plenty sex life also considers all the different sexual techniques you can use to make your partner feel incredible!

We encourage you to explore and find with us each one of those aspects.
We’re sure that you will find in every section of this website, new and refreshing ideas which will add a special touch to your intimate life.

We invite you to rediscover yourself….
And let your imagination fly ….




10 ways to revive the magic
10 ways to revive the magic


25 sexy ideas for her
25 sexy ideas for her
25 sexy ideas for him
25 sexy ideas for him: Sexy advice to sex up your day


50 sex mistakes men do
50 sex mistakes men do: Huge mistakes men do in bed!
50 sex mistakes women do
50 sex mistakes women do: Things you should not do!
50 ways to love your partner
550 ways to love your partner: Good ideas to keep the flame burning


Anorgasmia: Learn about anorgasmia with us
Aphrodisiacs: formulas to help increase and maintain sexual potency.
Aromatherapy: The aroma plays an essential role in your intimate life. Have it in mind when setting up the ideal love encounter.


Bad sex habits
Bad sex habits: If you come across any, undo them.
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer: All the information about this illness


Candidiasis: A Std you should pay attention to
Casual Sex
Casual Sexr: We currently live in an era where sexual openness and new unconventional ideas to enjoy sexual pleasure predominate.
Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer: All the information about this cancer here.
chancroid: Learn about this STD
Chlamydia: Learn all about this STD
Communication in a relationship
Communication in a relationship: The basis of the relationship
Condoms: Condoms for all tastes and needs
Contact mysexualhealthGuide.com with your inquiries and suggestions
Contact mysexualhealthGuide.com with your inquiries and suggestions!


Dating after 50
Dating after 50: Ideas for the first date of two people in the golden age
Depo Provera
Depo Provera: Modern contraceptive method that consist on injections that is administrated once every 3 months
Divorce: How to overcome such disgraceful situation


First Date
First Date: Because of different complexes or the invoice left by multiple births, women increasingly go over to the doctor for such intervention.


Genital Hygienee
Genital Hygiene: The first weapon for good health. Discover the basic genital hygiene care.
Get naked without fear
Get naked without fear: Learn how to remove your clothes with sexuality before sex.
How to be a good lover
How to be a good lover? What we all want. Advice to become the ideal lover.
Good Maners
Good Maners: The importance of have good manners with our partner.
Good sex habits
Good sex habits: Things that will drive you to happy sex
Green Sex
Green Sex: Ecological sex,Pleasure and plenitude


How to conquer
How to conquer: Learn useful tips to conquer with success!
How to do a Striptease
How to do a Striptease: Learn how to do an exotic dance for your partner
How to find her G spot
How to find her G spot: Learn how to find her G spot to make her go crazy on bed
How to heal a broken heart
How to heal a broken heart: The five ideal ways to cure a broken heart
How to look sexy
How to look sexy: Sexy and atractive in 10 steps!
How to lose weight
How to lose weight: Advices to really lose weight!
Hug Therapy
Hug Therapy: Touch and feel represent the human side of all of us who live in a society that increasingly runs away from each other. The hug is in itself is therapy!


Follow our advices and recomendations for achieving a more healthy and fun intimate life!
Intimate Surgery
Intimate Surgery: The importance of have good manners with our partner.


long distance love
Long distance love: Love in general is a wonderful feeling for all people. Being in love is one of the most intense experiences we humans have. But today, with a greater number of people travelling, working away and looking to constantly improve, the ability to live a long distance relationship is a fairly common problem.


Male G Spot
Male G Spot
Male Orgasm
Male Orgasm: The male orgasm is the pinnacle of pleasure for every man, and undoubtedly is also less complicated and difficult to achieve than the female orgasm..
Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual Cycle: Know everything about every woman month to month.


Online love
Online love: A new way to love!
Orgasms: Orgasm is the peak intensity in sexual intercourse, because it presents a very pleasant sensation in sexual organs, accompanied by other physical phenomena (in women closes and opens the vagina, and man, usually ejaculation occurs or expulsion of semen)
Outfits to seduce
Outfits to seduce: All eyes on you!
Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer:A silent evil. Find here; causes, symptoms, diagnose and treatment of ovarian cancer.


Penile Cancer
Penile Cancer: Information, causes, symptoms, stages, prevention and treatment of penile cancer.
Penis Care
Penis Care: Learn how to take care of your penis, a healthy penis means a lot in your life.
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer: Information, detection and treatment


Romantic Details
Romantic Details: Keep that fire burning with our incredible romance ideas.
Romantic Enviroment
Romantic Enviroment: An adequate romantic environment plays an essential environment in your sex life, because it awakens and makes more receptive your senses.


Sensitive sexual concentration
Sensitive sexual concentration: An exquisite and liberating experience for a better sex experience
Sex Addiction
Sex addiction: When pleasure becomes obsession.
Sex After 50
Sex After 50: Experience, wisdom and plenitude
Sex after childbirth
Good Maners: The importance of have good manners with our partner.
Sexual Anatomy
Sexual Anatomy: Learn how and what are the sexual organs.
Sex Benefits
Sex Benefits: What benefits does sex gives? Find the answer with us!
Sex in the car
Sex in the car: Positions that will put at 1000 mph!
Sexual Aversion
Sexual aversion disorder is a conduct of persistent fear, disgust, revulsion, avoidance, anxiety or dislike of any sexual conduct
Sexual Culture
Sexual Cultures: The importance of have good manners with our partner.
Sexual Positions
Sexual Positions: Why should you live a humdrum sex life when there are many positions to enjoy sex for all tastes and pleasures?


The Kiss
The Kiss: The most intimate characteristic amongst those in love.