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25 sexy ideas for her

25  sexy ideas for her

Sexy ideas to seduce him!


These tips will make your routine become something especially sensual. Try them alone or with your guy and break the routine: A temperature rise!

1 – A good spicy dinner: spicy food releases endorphins.

2 – Put some red in your home. Red is an exciting colour that causes the heart to pump harder.

3 - Buy sexy lingerie and wear it all day.

4 - Send naughty text messages to your partner by mid-morning. Wait for the flames when the two of you meet later.

5 – Sink into a comfy armchair or sofa, where you can get intimate together.

6 - Try flavoured gels...

7 - Draw a floor plan with the places where you have had sex and those that you haven’t.

8 – Role play that you are in another country, setting the place and use costumes/disguises.

9 - Put on sexy lingerie and lie in wait for your man.

10 - Send hot private messages to Facebook.

11 - Go to a sex shop together and choose things for each other.

12 - Draw a tattoo somewhere on your body for him to find.

13 - Go together to a lingerie store and let him spy on you trying them on.

14 - Try to have sex with the lights on.

15 - Buy sauce for ice cream, then draw on each other and eat the pictures.

16 - Recreate a scene from her favourite movie.

17 - Give a very sensual and unexpected gift (underwear, aphrodisiac foods, sex toys ....).

18 - Create a list of music to play while making love.

19 - Do it in the shower!.

20 – Say hot things in his ear when you’re at a family event.

21 - Shave your intimate areas.

22 - Practice a lap dance.

23 - Learn about erotic massage oils.

24 - Send a sexy picture on your phone with a message about what you will do tonight.

25 - If you cannot spend the night together, use Skype for "cyber cuddles".



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