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25 sexy ideas for him

25 sexy ideas for him

Sexy advice to sex up your day


Although women buy sex magazines, quite often their partner is the one looking through the pages in search of sex tips. Here is a list of suggestions to get the greatest pleasure.

1. Look at your girl with desire when she is distracted. As she comes back to focus, her gaze will be drawn to yours.

2. Wear Lycra underwear.

3. Give each other a back rub. It has to last at least two minutes.

4. Turn off the lights and share your fantasies. The darkness will enhance the feeling of closeness.

5. Ask your partner to record a hot home video.

6. Massage the head, back and neck until they feel relaxed.

7. Use your partner's sex toy.

8. If you cannot bring yourself to tell your sexual fantasies to your partner, invite her to visit a sex shop website together and choose what they like.

9. Act with tenderness: do not think it is unmanly - on the contrary, there is evidence that it shows sexual desire.

10. A mirror at the foot of the bed is an ideal way to see close-up action.

11. Ask your girl what she likes: If she sees that you are interested, it will give both of you more sexual pleasure.

12. Make noise. Break the taboo that men should be silent in bed.

13. Use a silk scarf or a tie and bind each other in bed.

14. Use ice to massage. The combination of hot / cold will drive her crazy.

15. Try a massage in the shower.

16. Erotic texting whilst at work. The night will be explosive!

17. Role-play a character, such as a sexy fireman.

18. Record your lovemaking on a webcam.

19. Be a dessert. Have chocolate on your naked body, waiting for your girl to come home.

20. Ask her to rub your chest with refreshing eucalyptus gel.

21. Use everything, except your hands.

22. When you are low down, ask he to open her knees so that you have a great view.

23. Have sex in a bath without water. The confined space will increase the eroticism.

24. While stroking it, you tell what to do next.

25. Ask her to use you like a lipstick.



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