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50 sex mistakes women do

50 sex mistakes women do

Things you should not do!


All women have committed a serious mistake during sex. At least one (or more) of the following list have been committed.
You may not have known that what you did was so terrible. But if it was, it could be considered fatal to your relationship.
These are the top 50 sex mistakes women commit between the sheets. Read carefully and look to avoid them in your private life for the sake of you both.

50 sex mistakes women do

1-Being depressed after sex. Why cause an awkward moment after you've had such a great time?

2-Ask if you look fat in the middle of the act. Not really the time to ask for opinions.

3-Be upset after sex because your partner fell asleep. Men’s orgasms make them sleepy.

4-Biting the penis during oral sex.

5-Faking orgasms.

6-Penetrate the man’s anus without prompting or finding out if he likes that kind of stimulation.

7-Go to the toilet in the middle of sex when the situation is getting hotter. Go pee before to avoid such occurrences.

8-Placing provisos on new positions or oral sex.

9-Squeezing the penis too hard.

10-Handling his testicles too roughly.

11-Playing hard-to-get for sex.

12-Lying in bed like a vegetable and expecting the man to do everything. Come on girls, a little initiative is the principle of good time!

13-Refusing start until the light is off.

14-Talking about little things that have nothing to do with sex while you make love. These talks are for coffee – not sex.

15-Focussing on non-important details such as telephone, TV, door lock ... etc. You should concentrate on sex and how good you feel - nothing more!

16-Turning your man on, and then stopping before the act is completed.

17-Giving excuses for not having sex. If you do not want, it’s better to say “no” than "I have a headache"; especially as we know that sex relieves such discomforts.

18-Showing that you hate oral sex.

19 – “Punishing” your man by withholding sex after an argument. You’re only punishing yourself.

20-Getting up to get clean straight after sex. We all need a moment of calm after sex.

21-Killing time, such as cleaning, before you start having sex.

22-Comparing your man’s penis with others you have known.

23-Making love without desire.

24-Pretending that your guy will find the G spot as if by magic.

25-Having sex while you plan the shopping, cleaning, laundry or calls that you have to make.

26-Saying that you’re a virgin when you are not.

27-Claiming to have been a “good girl” and having only a few sexual partners, when the list is actually quite long .

28-Performing a striptease in a silly or unsexy way. Practice before to show off your dancing.

29-Believing that the man that you take to bed with you will be forever in your debt.

30-If he ejaculates very quickly, try to make your dissatisfaction less obvious. Do not make him feel worse than he already does.

31-Being too inhibited in bed. Let him see you, touch you and enjoy you. You will also enjoy it more.

32-Believing that the man’s only erogenous zone is his penis. There is a whole body full of nerve endings to stimulate and make him feel good.

33-Believing that only he has the obligation to buy contraceptives, especially condoms. It is you who should care the most.

34-Wearing underwear like your grandmother. It is very convenient, but not at all exciting.

35-Not shaving. Nobody likes hairy legs and armpit; it is unladylike. For your bikini line, at least try to keep the hair in good shape.

36-Taking for granted that all a man wants is sex. Not true. Sometimes they are not in the mood for sex.

37-Not giving compliments or saying anything something nice.

38-Being shy in sex. If you have not tried things because you believing that they are vulgar, remember that you are intimate with your partner and that anything goes.

39-Too many instructions. It's okay to tell him what you like and what you want, but do not take it too far. We must also let them use their own experience and initiative.

40-Planning for sex. Nobody likes routine in their sex life. Let sex be the flavour of daring and surprise.

41-Being disinterested in sex after you have been satisfied, but he is not yet finished. Enjoy it and show that you are enjoying it until he is also satisfied.

42-Not trying new things. It's good to dabble with new things in bed, and this advice goes for both partners.

43-Complaining about sex. If you complain about what goes on in your sex life, such as the touching you don’t like, you're uncomfortable, positions that bother you, etc, you end up killing the moment. You need to feel good during sex, but learn to tell your man. They are not mindreaders. They need to know how you want to be treated in bed.

44-Hanging off your man’s neck when he is holding you up. It’s not at all comfortable.

45-Never taking the initiative to start sex. Men like it - and like it a lot – so you start your sex play.

46-Getting angry because your man couldn’t get an erection or finish. Do not be angry, ask what has happened and try to help.

47-Repeatedly telling him what you don’t like about sex (positions etc). He heard the first time.

48-Criticising their movements or ways he expresses his excitement. If you laugh or comment the wrong way, you’ve lost the moment.

49 - Believing that he has a duty to give kisses, hugs or applause once he’s finished the job. It would be a nice touch, but they do not have to.

50-Over-acting. If you exaggerate your desires, movements, screams and expressions it will be very clear that you’re pretending. Better to be yourself and express pleasure in the way you like to.



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