¿What is Anorgasmia?


Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasm, despite having a normal excitement phase that has been caused by a stimulation. Even when normal in intensity, duration and time with the emotional and physical condition to do so.

This inhibition can be recurrent and persistent.

Today, the anorgasmia is one of the main problems of sexual dysfunction among sexually active women, as the problem among men is increasing, leading in many cases to the simulation of orgasm during intercourse.

¿What causes anorgasmia?

The main causes of anorgasmia are psychological in origin in 95% of cases.
However, you can talk about various problems that lead to lack of orgasm, among which include:

  • Organic causes: As periods of pregnancy, menopause, andropause, menopause, old age ..... These natural changes in the body cause changes and / or fluctuations in hormone levels as well as thought.

  • Diseases (hormonal problems, hypothyroidism, advanced diabetes, tumours, spinal cord injury) and taking medications (narcotics, antidepressants, antipsychotics and sedatives) that alter-coital sexual response.

  • Use of drugs, alcohol.

  • Socio-cultural trauma along with parenting styles such as a very conventional view of sexuality as a sin can cause feelings of shame, guilt, phobia, sin, low self-enter others.

  • Sexist attitudes.

  • Suppression and education from family that never explains how the human sexual response.

  • Genital mutilation.

  • Illness or injury in the body region located between the vagina and anus, penis and testicular area.

  • Inadequate stimulation.

  • Poor communication with your partner.

  • Perivaginal pelvic musculature weak, atrophied.

  • Fear of abandonment by a partner after sex.

  • Fear of losing control over feelings and behaviour.

  • Lack of information about sex to the couple. Misinformation and ignorance are major factors.

  • On the other hand we find anxiety problems, labour problems and / or family stress.

Types of anorgasmia

There are two basic large groups to classify this type of sexual dysfunction. They are:

  1. Primary Anorgasmia: It's when you've never managed to establish an orgasm either through intercourse or by masturbation, or by direct stimulation of the couple with either hand, mouth and / or sex toy.

  2. Secondary Anorgasmia: This is when the person cannot achieve orgasm through sexual relations, but can through masturbation or direct stimulation of the clitoris.

In addition, we also speak of situational unaanorgasmia when you reach orgasm only with specific partners in specific circumstances.

How to treat anorgasmia?

Here are some useful tips to reach that what you can only call an indescribable orgasm.

  • Explore your naked body, try to be comfortable (a). Discover your most and least sensitive parts, find out how you like to feel, that movements which are those that enjoy cuddling.

  • Know your vagina, touch the folds of your labia majora, making pubic hair and comb with your fingers, your clit sensitivity. Men, know your penis. The stimulus rate is more favourable to them, to excite them elsewhere.

  • Use a mirror to help you see your genitals.

  • Concentrate on the feel of different areas of your body, thighs, buttocks, chest, nipples, hair, face...

  • Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate!

  • Forget the obsession with getting the orgasm, who stressed or worried that creates a long and tedious path to reach the orgasmic goal.

  • Exercise! Strengthens your muscles and improve your cardiovascular ability to increase stamina for sex.

  • Eliminate negative attitudes and prejudices about sex.

  • Knowledge is essential to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

  • Keep to the full enjoyment of personal sexuality.

  • Enjoy exploring your partner in bed (or wherever).

  • Provide enough time for intimacy. Avoid interruptions at the time (cell phones off, no TV, no excessive noise ....).

  • Enter your senses and focus on the relationship sexual. Touch, feel, taste, smell, hear, imagine.

  • The use of lubricants help increase vaginal sensations.

  • Relax before, out of his mind the problems of work, family, daily stress, fatigue and moodiness. Focus on relaxing your body.

  • Please note that the penetration is a relatively ineffective in producing the female orgasm. This is why many women need stimulation that complements the penis enters the vagina, and rub the clitoris (direct stimulation) in order to achieve orgasm.

  • Remember that vaginal or anal penetration is not the only form of sexual relations with your partner. Different sexual behaviours may benefit the increased desire and pave the way to orgasm.

  • Please note that the treatment of anorgasmia is individual. Not all advice will work with all concerned, therefore, experience which are the best for you.



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