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Bad sex habits

Bad sex habits

If you come across any, undo them.


Bad sexual habits affect your life badly and you should know which they are. It is likely that some form part of your sex life and you don’t know it!

Read carefully the following habits and try to keep them away from your intimate life!

The 10 Bad Sexual Habits:

  1. Going to bed with anyone; no matter if you know it or not. This behavior perhaps makes you feel good in your friendships, but is actually quite risky. Not only do you run the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, but to get it and ruin the rest of your sexual life, then spread to a person who genuinely interests you, to hurt someone's feelings and even your own. Before going to bed, put your head to cool 1 minute, think a little about the consequences and if you're willing  100% to take the risk.

  1. Not cleaning your genitals of waste fluid after sex. It is not just to prevent infection or discomfort, but also because these fluids if left there can generate odors very unpleasant in little time ... and you don’t want to smell bad for a second or third round, right?.

  1. Excessive hygiene. Excessive hygiene over the genital area isn’t recommended and neither is the lack of hygiene. In both cases, it leads to bacterial growth and this makes your body susceptible to diseases and infections. Learn about proper genital hygiene and take that point of balance to your daily shower.

  1. Unmade bed, furniture and decorations out of place, clothes thrown all over the floor... Ok, we know this is something like your success and glory scene after sex, but in reality, it isn’t very sensual. We don’t say that after the action you should get up immediately to clean and pick up all the mess, but remember that sex succumbs to the senses... and seeing a messy room isn’t the ideal setting for your partner to lift the libido again...

  1. Infidelity. Being unfaithful, in most cases, doesn’t make you feel 100% good. It is likely that it even makes you look like a bad lover, because your body does not react as it should because the brain is thinking about something else. It is very probable, that you feel stress, worry, anger or sadness once committed infidelity. So, before you do what you're doing, think again... and remember that, like everything else in life, there are two options, each with its good and bad consequences; you'll see which one will make you happier in the end...

  1. Assume and Pretend. You should never take as certain that the other person enjoys the same things you enjoy in sex and much less any technical or specific sexual behavior without having asked them. Communication is essential, always talk about your likes and create the basis of a full sexual relationship for both.

  1. Lie! The only person who is harmed when you fake an orgasm or pretend to have enjoyed sex when you didn’t really, it's you and only you! If you don’t say what you feel and what you want, you will reject the opportunity of an unforgettable meeting of pleasure! Moreover, for what reason a sane person would do this?
    We know that not reaching the climax can be uncomfortable for both, but don’t take the bad side; after all, we weren’t born with a handbook for our partners to know their weak or hot spot.
    So, with confidence and without stress, talk about it and maintain a dialogue of proposals to improve the situation. If you don’t speak clear from the outset, or worse, if you shut it, if will be harder for you to have the joy of being a sexually satisfied person.
  1. Expect to receive without giving. Sex is a two-lane motorway. Both should feel desire, pleasure and excitement. If the two are to have a good time.
    Getting to bed and pretending that the other person should do it all is selfish and mediocre. It should be clear that the pleasure of sex is in the reciprocity of affection, where we find much pleasure in receiving as in giving caresses and enjoyment to another.

  1. Be inflexible. Flatly refusing to fulfill a wish of your partner without having thought before.
    These themes of carnal love can’t be completely rigid in some points but not so flexible that we get hurt... Although we are clear what we like, we can always make room for something new. Of course, if it doesn’t interfere with our values. Thinking about the new technique proposed by your partner can be very beneficial to his/her personal life. And if you decide after thinking that the answer is no, then your partner should respect it.

  1. Go straight to the point! Nooo, please don’t! Skip foreplay and go straight to the act of penetration, it takes away too much flavor to sex. The strokes, games, talks and moves before penetration, are very important to warm wishes, so that the body starts lubricating the genitals, as well as relax the muscles to receive the sexual act in a more exquisite way! Studies show that sex foreplay helps achieve orgasm more easily and intensely. Therefore, do not forget to start there for the next...


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