Casual Sex

Casual Sex


Unplanned pleasure

We currently live in an era where sexual openness and new unconventional ideas to enjoy sexual pleasure predominate.

Clearly this is shown when men or women have in their history of sexual events, people they do not share a formal relationship with, or people that they have only seen once.

Previously it was possible that this kind of sexual conduct was criticized and condemned by society, today however, it has become more common than what you might imagine, it is also practiced by more and more people who enjoy sex without commitments or ties with the other person.

Casual sex helps to rid the shackles that occasionally impede to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of a good sexual evening.

For some sexologists experts, this casual behavior is the answer to emotional frustration that have marked the person in the past, leaving him/her with a lack of affection and therefore now seeking to live sex without any compromise or sentimentality, devoted just to enjoyment.

The truth is that despite everything, casual sex can have both benefits and consequences for those involved, so we present a list of advantages and disadvantages of this way of experiencing sex pleasures.


  • For those that are avoiding commitment, it is a good option to consider if they want to enjoy eroticism without having a regular relationship.
  • If the meeting is unplanned, casual sex gives the libidinous inspiration of the moment.
  • Allows the mind to open, as there is no need to live something fixed or monotonous.
  • In addition, we have the opportunity to meet more people and experience more in bed.


  • Despite the momentary pleasure, this type of event can leave a feeling of emptiness of those involved.
  • Even when you think that you have the control to enjoy sex without affection, this can get out of hand and leave pain and sometimes anger.
  • You do not know the past of your momentary partner, so you might be on danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It can lead to promiscuity and with this come the physical and psychological risks that come with having multiple partners.


To avoid bad experiences, take into consideration the following tips that we give below:

    • You should always consider the opinion of the other person. It may be that this encounter is noting more than for sexual enjoyment for you, but maybe for the other person, it is something else and because of this you might end up hurting the other person.
    • Always use condoms to protect your self, not only from undesired pregnancy, but also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Although the experience is meant just for pure sex with no love, do not forget to be integral, loving and dedicated, to leave a good image and to give good quality sex.
    • If you know the other person is just looking for a time of sexual encounter, do not let your feelings interfere, if you believe that you will not be able to avoid it, then decline the invitation.



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