Another STD...


What is it?

It’s a sexually transmitted disease caused by "Haemophilus ducreyi”. Its main feature is the appearance of a soft chancre in the skin.
It affects more men than women and occurs in tropical countries; in other places its appearance is rare.

It is spread by sexual contact with infected people or by contact with open wounds or draining of infected people.


Symptoms begin to appear between 7 and 8 days after exposure to bacteria.

Form balls or bumps on the genital area, bounded by a red circle.
Then these swellings are filled with pus and burst.
They are very painful.
Can cause an infection in the lymph nodes that pass through the groin.


This STD can be cured with antibiotics within two weeks.

Importantly, the only preventive measure is to avoid sex with infected people. The person with the disease should be aware to abstain from sex to avoid infecting their partner.



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