Condoms for all tastes and needs

The condom is probably one of the best sex-related inventions that have been developed in the history of mankind. Its incredible practicality, combined with, its enormous effectiveness, make it a true "ally" whenever talking about intimate relations, as it not only prevents pregnancy by 98-99%, but also a valuable tool to prevent many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Some couples find that using condoms interrupts sex, and there are men and women who claim to perceive a decrease in pleasure. However, other couples incorporate the condom as part of "foreplay", using the wide variety of condoms available.

Let's review some of them:

- Colored condoms

To try colored condoms is a sure way to make more interesting and fun your sex life. In the market there are a variety of colors, including designs of all kinds: rainbow, glow in the dark, holidays (Christmas, Halloween, etc.).

- Mouth condoms

Mouth condoms (or oral barriers) are rectangles made ​​of latex that dentists use to isolate a tooth while working. AIDS educators have advocated their use in oral sex, both mouth-anal and mouth-vagina contact. As originally they were not designed for sex, so they tend to be thicker than regular ones.

- Flavored Condoms

If you love strawberries or chocolate, flavored condoms are a great way to combine your tastes with your sexual desire. Many times, these fun varieties of condoms are an excellent way of making sex more fun and increase connection between lovers, because the jokes and laughter are a good opportunity to get closer.

-Extra large and extra small condoms

The extra large are perfect for anyone who needs more "space" than normal. These usually provide a more comfortable experience as they are wider at the base, longer and with larger diameter.
On the other hand, extra-small condoms are ideal to provide a tighter fit for those who may need it, preventing it from slipping and always maintaining maximum safety and comfort.

- Condoms with vibrator

The vibrating condom is the most exciting innovation when it comes to safe sex products. Recently, this condom has been a worldwide success, as they provide a really incredible experience for the two lovers.

- Condoms with spermicide

Some condoms contain spermicides, providing greater security for those couples who are especially fearful that their lovemaking will lead to an unwanted pregnancy. It is essential to acquire brands that guarantee us that the spermicides are also going to be effective and ones that are allowed by health agencies.

- Lubricated condoms

Lubricated condoms are better suited for vaginal and anal sex; they feel softer and are less likely to cause friction and breaking. Lubrication does not taste too good (unless you have a special flavor), therefore, condoms without lubrication are preferred for oral sex.

- Condoms with textures

Some condoms have different textures on their surface, in order to increase the pleasure and stimulation. They are excellent for increasing arousal. The ideal way is to try different textures and determine what is best for you.

-Condoms with warming effect

Greenhouse warming condoms provide a pleasant feeling for both lovers, adding excitement during intimate encounters. Buy condoms that ensure that the substances used to achieve the warming effect are of good quality and approved by the health standards of your country.

- Extra fine or thin condoms

Some condoms are thinner; these provide a more natural sensation when using them during sex. While this increases the excitement, they can sometimes break during intercourse, especially when the rhythm of sex is... a bit wild.

-Female Condoms

The female condom, like the male condom, is a barrier device used for birth control that also protects against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV, but is not believed to be as effective as the male condom for this purpose.


If you or your partner is allergic to latex, you should choose a hypoallergenic condom. These are made ​​of other materials such as polyurethane, which do not produce irritation. Anyway, if you perceive irritation or discomfort, it is always recommended to go to the doctor, who will advise on what kind of condom is best for you.

Condoms are a barrier contraceptive method that has the advantage of inexpensive and readily available in most pharmacies. Statistically it has been proven that in 1 year occur 12 pregnancies per 100 couples using this method. The efficiency also increases when using spermicides.

Although in the world there are some better known brands, -such as Prime, Control, Durex, Billy Boy, Benetton, RFSU, Condomi, Worldsbest and Preventor- the reality is that one brand is no more reliable than the others because all condoms are subjected to the same quality control standards and are carefully tested before being approved for sale to the public.

If you go for more exotic options, make sure your choice is approved by health authorities in your country, to avoid pregnancy and infection. Some condoms are just the novelty of the moment, such as those that glow in the dark, and might not be design for maximum protection. The best way to decide is to try different types and see what works best for you and your partner.



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