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Get naked without fear

Get naked without fear


Get undressed is an art !

The act of making love itself, is exciting and enjoyable, but is preceded by removing clothes. Many people kill the passion in those moments before sex when they try to shed their clothes with difficulties, clumsy movements and stops that kill the passion of kisses and caresses.

Getting naked to make love can be stressful, no doubt about that.

But it is worth it, to learn how to do it well, your partner will go wild with desire when you learn to get loose of your clothes and leave your body subtly exposed. We will explain how.

The art of love and sensuality requires that you exploit all the creativity lovers have to enjoy a moment of unity and pleasure.

All those details that represent an impediment, to the skin being exposed, as buttons, belts and zippers, should be used to make a slow ritual of sensuality and let your skin slowly appear, rather than hinder the cause by removing them in haste in your way to nudity.

Do not feel inhibited by these obstacles and do not be afraid of them, instead of trying to quickly remove them from your way and cause possible discomfort, do it slowly and be sexy so you subtly delay pleasure in this way, so it gets increased later.

Occasionally let a garment, necklace, or jewelry that highlights in your body. This accessory can also be used later to play around during sex.

When you know that sexual intercourse is possible or inevitable, use comfortable and sexy clothing, according to your personality, this way you will reflect security in your movements. In addition, you will feel more comfortable in it and not have so much trouble to take it off in a sexy and daring way.

Use slow dance movements to take off the pants, the same with shirts and blouses. You can even play a little and make up a striptease!

Turn around and create expectation from your front side or place your derriere in sight. This will help you lower the zippers or unbutton the garment; it makes it easier if the gestures of your face are not being seen.

Then, when you turn around, do not hesitate to point out all your sensuality!

To remove underwear gently one by one, increases the desire and encourages the libido.

You can also improve the environment with some music for love; this can make the encounter more enjoyable.

Do not fear the light; instead, rely on it to splurge eroticism. A dim light is ideal, it invokes the romance, you can find in candles or lamps with dark-colored bodies.

If the light is strong and you do not like it, turn it off!, and give an opportunity for the imagination to run in the darkness...

Another great way to get to be naked is to stop or ask your partner to undress you. This prevents that you undress too fast and that a subtle limited and constant increase desire occurs, through the art of caresses and the art of kissing!



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