Good Maners

Good Maners



Let the good education shine!

Good Manners: In our daily life, situations arise where we have to act with some character. The difficult part is to know how to properly behave in front of others and by ourselves like decent and educated people should.

Good Manners are essential in our intimate life, when it comes to giving a good impression to that person we are attracted to.

There are ones that think, that curtsey, chivalry and kindness are things of the past and that no one notices them now. This is a fatal mistake. Kindness and good manners are of great importance to polish some details on personal relationships, besides making it an easier life with your loved ones and in the case of couples, to maintain mutual respect and love.

Uneducated manners lead to difficult times and to worsen any crisis that the couple might be going through.

Maintaining mutual respect with the ones we care for is essential for harmony to reign.

When we go out on a date with someone special, it’s vital for the success of the evening that good manners prevail throughout the night.

For her, appearing kind, educated, grateful, will make a good impression that very likely will result in a high chance of a second date, and these values will highlight your attributes, because rude talking or bad behaviour spoil even the best makeup or outfit.

For him, good manners add valuable chivalry and manhood points!
Whenever trying to win a women’s heart, being thoughtful with her can be the determinant detail that will make the date successful. It’s the truth, good manners are not something from the past, and they are not ridiculous, women notice when you open the restaurant’s door for them, they appreciate compliments on their looks, when man are considerate enough to serve their wine, when a man lets his companion order first.

Truth be told, as a sign of education and respect to those who accompany us, we should all be kind and provide good treatment at all times to the person with us. It’s very pleasant for all to see how the other person treats us well and provides a great time by giving us importance and respect.

Good manners are a sign of love and respect for the other person.

Aspects like consideration are of big utility to maintain long and happy relations. To put one self in the others place, and understand your significant other’s feelings and attitudes, together with details of kindness, love, and courtesy are the secret to establishing a long and satisfactory relationship.

Some of these good manners we should maintain with our partner are:

  • Don’t forget to say, good morning or good night, it’s well appreciated to say or receive at the beginning or ending of any day.
  • Respect your partner’s privacy, and their personal time.
  • Care enough to ask about how the other is feeling or how was his/her day, that’s a very important detail. It’s a well-mannered way to show interest and care!
  • During dinner, is preferable to wait until the other person arrives to star eating. If she prepared dinner, don’t forget to compliment and show yourself as grateful for it.
  • Opening the door or fetching some object whenever the other has his/hers hands occupied is a basic way to show good manners.
  • Let the other talk, pay attention and avoid interruptions.
  • If arguing, do even the impossible to keep your voice down and avoid offences. Procure that your interventions in the matter are to improve the situation not to worsen it. If you don’t feel capable of doing this, apologize and postpone the conversation.
  • Respect whenever your partner doesn’t feel like having sex. It’s always important to give personal space.
  • Be on time, first thing to consider when trying to accomplish something with the one is waiting for you.
  • Respect your partner’s leisure time.
  • Don’t talk about personal problems in public.
  • Don’t criticize or compare.
  • Always think before speaking. Words can be really hurtful.

It’s a good idea to show good manners, since it’s a good way to show the best things we have to offer to the rest, or even more important, to be loved.



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