Green Sex

Green Sex


Sensual initiative for a better world

"Green has never been so erotic”

The topic of green sex comes thanks to an idea launched by the Mexican Greenpeace association.

They have published a decalogue or compendium that brings together the ideas and recommendations for sex to be friendly and supportive to the environment.

Sex Ecology is a way to help the environment while improving our intimacy

The name of the material is "Greenpeace Guide for a environmental friendly sex " and its recommendations will not only help reduce the cost of energy and resources but also a practical guide to make of sex something more intimate, erotic and exciting.

The clearest example of that is reading the first point, which says "Turn out the lights".

This simple recommendation is a step forward for all of us as we make love, not only reduces electricity bills, but also pushes us inevitably to the romance.

Maybe you never thought that sexual intercourse did damage to the place where you live.

But although we do not see or consider it, in the act of sex you may incur, sometimes, in small disrespect for the environment. True, no one thinks of the trees, light or the earth while enjoying an orgasm! Because of this the idea of “Ecological Sex” was born.

Although the passion might take us by surprise, we can consider our world and contribute a little with it, every time we have sex. Why not? It is easy, attractive and definitely makes you feel like a better person and a better lover.

Did you know that it was possible to care for the planet and enjoy sex all at the same time? It is true and it is wonderful!

The 10 tips of green sex

  1. "Turn out the lights": Spends less energy and awakens the eroticism. It is simple!

  2. "Passion Fruit" This item recommends eating organic aphrodisiac fruits, but free from any pesticides or genetically modified ingredients.

  3. "Love at all costs" encourages consuming biodegradable soaps and oils in erotic games, while supporting sustainable community projects.

  4. "Love Recycled" To dispose of condoms and lubricants and to store sex toys store in reusable recipients.

  5. Ecolubricants: The fifth item on the ecological sex decalogue advises to use water-based lubricants; but remember that saliva is the best natural lubricant.

  6. "Aromas that ignite the passion": This recommendation is addressed to lovers to take advantage of their natural odors and not consume seafood or oysters for this purpose, to stop the degradation of the seas and oceans.

  7. "Slave of passion, not oil": This point warns us not to use sex toys because they are made from materials with toxic chemicals such as dioxins and furan.

  8. "Save water in couple": What a great recommendation to share the bath together and play a bit!

  9. The ninth point of the ecological sex is to wear organic lingerie and use organic oils. This is also is addressed to the point of if the bed where you do it is made of certified wood.

  10. Of course ... "Make love, not war" the best spot of green sex decalogue.

If you have never done anything to care for the place where you live, start by doing it at least when you make love



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