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How to find her G spot

how to find her g-spot

Make her go crazy...!


Did you know that women can have many different types of orgasms? It’s true.

Of course, no surprise that the "holy grail" of all female orgasms is achieved through the G spot.

But the hard part is finding and knowing how to please her G spot! So here is a guide from A to Z of everything you need to know.

  1. How to find the G spot.

First of all, the G spot is actually an area rather than a real point. The G spot is located about two inches inside the vagina on the upper side. (Below the inside of her stomach)

You'll know when you find it, because it feels like a ribbed bump, as the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.

  1. How to stimulate it?

While most men would love to satisfy their women with penetration, this is not always the best idea. Why?

Because it depends on factors like the location, the level of excitement, and the shape and size of the penis and the vagina. In short: using the fingers is the easiest way to achieve orgasm with greater chances of success.

  1. Important: Before trying to stimulate her G spot

In most cases, women need to stimulate her clitoris before stimulating her G spot but once it is fully stimulated, the clitoris is often too sensitive for direct contact. Ask your lady. Otherwise, the G spot may feel dry and uncomfortable. After this point, you can move onto the G spot

  1. The best positions to stimulate the G spot

To really stimulate the G-spot, you will need to be in a position that gives you easy access to do the magic. Here are two suggestions:

1) Your lady lies on her back while you lie next to her, using your stronger arm.

2) She sits in the doggie position, while you sit and pleasure her from behind. In fact, if you want more passion and emotion, try changing from one position to another during the course of stimulation. Now let's talk about how you should please her.

  1. How to stimulate her G-spot with this technique

The movement to use is the gesture of “come here", using your fingers. Note that the G spot is different from the clitoris, which means, in most cases, you'll stroke a little harder than you do the clitoris. Start by massaging it lightly and work your way up to a point where she finds it incredibly satisfying.

  1. How to tell if she's enjoying it

First of all, remember that the best feeling will vary from woman to woman. Alternate between two very smooth movements or paces to find out what she likes best. Know what she likes by her breathing and the way she will firmly grip her vagina. Having said all that, there is a way to make this experience even MORE pleasurable.

  1. The missing piece for a powerful orgasm

Did you know that prolonged foreplay intensify orgasms? It's true. However, men often focus so much on "performing" that they forget to spice up sex life with new and exciting things.

Let's face it: most of us are guilty of this. You take your clothes off. And there it goes, in a few seconds or minutes it all ends, just routine. But when the magic disappears, it becomes harder and harder to make women reach orgasm.

Why? Because women want variety in their sexual experiences. The best way to please women in the long term is to have a backpack full of ideas ready for use when needed. I cannot emphasize enough how necessary it is to keep your sex life fresh and exciting in all its forms. That is the secret of a satisfying sex life.



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