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How to lose weight

How to lose weight

Advices to really lose weight!


To lose weight needs not to be a frustrating situation. While there is no magic formula that makes us instantly into the desired size, a spectacular look and feel doesn’t have to be an unattainable goal, with commitment and attitude it can be achieved!

Your self-esteem is one of the weapons that you have to make a relationship pleasant and harmonious.

Feeling good about our physical appearance is also a supplement to achieve the goals, it gives us security, confidence, joy to work on what we want without having to deal with those impediments that stand in the way such as depression, restlessness, sadness and even anger that arise when we do not like ourselves.

Live a healthy life every day.

How to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight effectively and realistically, follow these tips. Without indulging in gimmicks or tricks, we assure you that if you put them into practice you will soon see results!

Do not believe in miraculous potions and ointments sold on television. Losing weight requires active work of our body.

In addition to benefiting your overall health, exercise is the best habit you must implement in your daily life. Physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day will help you burn fat and the best part is that once you have the habit of Exercising, you will not recover the excess fat easily.

  • Control your meals. Learn to eat for nourishment. Eliminate fast food, sweets and sugar-laden desserts will be a gift for better living. Substitute meals such dishes rich in vegetables, fruit and pure water.

  • Keep track of what you eat. Keep a notebook where you point everything you eat during the day with their calories.

  • Go to a nutritionist so he can teach you to read the nutritional information listed on packaged foods.

  • The most effective diets to lose weight fast are not always the most desirable or balanced for your body. The needs of calories or fat burning require by your daily activities should be considered, it is best to follow customized diets.

  • Make public your commitment to lose weight. Many people take it as a secret and this increases the difficulty of achieving it (family meals, invitations to go out to restaurants). Talk of the challenge with family and friends will help you a lot and you might find understanding and support.

  • You have to read a lot and learn about diet, exercise, nutrition and food types.

  • Become aware of the benefits of losing weight, such as lowering cholesterol, heart problems, decreased risk of certain cancers associated with obesity, this will strengthen your will to continue and succeed...

  • View the advantages of losing weight before going to bed: clothes that you will be able to use again walk and move faster, more health, more energy, emotional well-being...

  • Each time you notice a substantial progress on the path to reach your ideal weight, give yourself a gift that will encourage you to move on, for example something  that you can now look better in your body!

  • Believe in yourself at all times and you will not disappoint yourself to achieve the great goal that was frustrating you before, lose weight!

  • Live one day at a time this commitment to lose weight. Do not despair, thinking on the final result, look at every day as a step forward!

Other supplements for weight loss

Register for classes of whatever! Being busy will eliminate the temptation and cravings.

Take someone with you to your aerobic classes, and while you show someone how to feel better, you're also helping yourself.

Don’t have sweet temptations in the cupboard or refrigerator at your home... To have these temptations every time you're in the kitchen will make you succumb to them.

Supplement your weight loss plan with  reductive massage treatments, lymph drainage, cold bandages, which although will not make you lose weight, it will help you to better accommodate your fat, clean waste and excess water from the body and even reduce cellulite!



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