Male G Spot

Male G Spot

The great hidden pleasure


Yes, gentlemen; men have a G-spot, which is the prostate gland and perineum. The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut, which controls the erection, ejaculation and orgasm, and the perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus.

The perineum does not have a specific function, but allows to access, indirectly, the prostate, and that my friends, is worth gold. The prostate itself can be accessed through the anal passage, and when stimulated, has the power to create incredible orgasms.

The male G-spot, when stimulated, has the power to create incredible orgasms

It seems that men are always trying to figure out what pleases women and what makes them enjoy sex, but they never care for their own orgasms and erogenouszones. Although there is always time to change that.

We have all heard about the famous female G spot. And while technically it is said that men do not have this point, it is known that a prostate massage can drive a man crazy with pleasure.

First recommendation is that you leave behind all the prejudices and homosexual connotations usually awarded to anal sex for men. After all, enjoying anal stimulation is not an indicator of sexual orientation. In other words, if you tell your girlfriend "touch me back there", she will not assume you are gay, not even close.

If you have managed to find your male G-spot or prostate gland, let your partner experiment in that area, you can open a huge range of erotic possibilities.

The gland may be achieved by inserting a lubricated finger into the anus, or, for the more daring ones, a sex toy. Gently massaging the gland can produce explosive orgasms for many men.

Some men like to be stimulated in their prostate once they are having a full erection, while others feel that prostate stimulation increases their erection witch leads them to the best orgasm they can experience in their lives. There are cases in which men do not even need stimulation in their penises, because the pleasure that comes from the prostate massage is sufficient to produce an orgasm.

Remember, to fully explore this erogenous zone with your partner, you need to feel at completely comfortable, wanting to experiment and play. Everyone is different and likes different things, so experimentation is the best way to discover your preferences.

One day, while your partner is performing ora lsex to you, let her stimulate your anus outside area. You will not believe how amazing it feels when your penis and anus are stimulated simultaneously.

Any woman who wants to indulge you in the same way you pleasure her, will have no qualms about doing things that you enjoy. And remember that this may be reciprocal, because there are women who also love anal stimulation. Although they have no prostate, anal massage can be quite exciting for both sexes, although men have the advantage in this area.

The prostate is a gland that has a lot of nerve transfers, and that is why if you massage this area you can get excited quickly, which, most of the times, leas to an intense orgasm. Obviously, this is a great opportunity for your partner to demonstrate its appreciation for all you do for her on the bed, and thus allows you to have a receptive role in sex. Stimulating the male G spot is something that many men find very rewarding and absolutely delicious.



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