How to make them better?


Orgasm is the peak intensity in sexual intercourse, because it presents a very pleasant sensation in sexual organs, accompanied by other physical phenomena (in women closes and opens the vagina, and man, usually ejaculation occurs or expulsion of semen). But besides the physical sensations is usually a psychological satisfaction during orgasm.

The primary sex organ is the brain

There is no doubt that we all enjoy orgasms. But if we told you that there are ways to achieve orgasms that can be significantly better, wouldn’t you like to know how? We bet you do. Practice these techniques, and while we can not promise that will give you double the pleasure, yes you will notice a big difference. You'll be happy. Your partner will be happy. And almost everyone will be happy (except your neighbors!).

All sexologists agree: the primary sexual organ is the brain. Is that sexual arousal (desire) begins there, and plays an incredible role in all aspects of the sexual encounter. This is true both for men and women. Because of this we will focus our attention to the mental part of the meeting now.

So,how can we improve our orgasms?

Focus! By far, it is the most important aspect of the orgasms. If you are thinking about something else, the orgasm will be less powerful and much less enjoyable. No trick here. Make sure you do not think about your unpaid bills or what you will do tomorrow in the office. This applies mainly to men, who always tend to focus on results and not on the road that leads to them.

Focus is closely related to trust. When you have an orgasm, to make the most of it, it must not be misled by what you feel at that time. You should not worry if you look like a squirrel or if your city is being bombed. All your existence needs to be focused on the orgasm. In masturbation, the trust is not a major issue, but with your partner it is, because you have to trust the other to let yourself go and enjoy the moment.
Many people (or perhaps most) can have an orgasm even with someone they do not trust completely, but it will never be quite as good. In those cases a person will never be able to be themselves or give themselves completely to someone they do not have confidence with.

The romantic atmosphere plays an important role in couples, but it is also vital to have in mind when you are alone. Some people tend to masturbate as a simple routine, becoming a mere formality that they hardly enjoy. And this does not lead to a good orgasm. For couples (and not just talking about candles and sunsets, although they are good) the important thing is to do anything to take them into climate and the desire to maintain relationships. You can kiss, undressing slowly... In short, the requirement is to take the needed time.

Another important point is to learn to delay gratification.

The general rule is: the longer it takes, the stronger the orgasm. Of course there may be good fast orgasms, but they are few and occur only every so often.

The openness is also crucial. To be open or to open your self to your partner means to communicate what you like. Some lovers are more attentive, others less so. It is important to realize that each person has their own erogenous zones. If your partner knows your erogenous zones, you will have better sex and better orgasms, because they will learn how to give more pleasure. Be honest and do not be ashamed to admit what you like.

Finally, there is a technique that deserves special attention. It's "stop and go" That is: get close to orgasm and stop, to start again. Do this ​​several times. The closer you get to orgasm, the better. Then, when you get finally ready to achieve it, it will be several times more powerful.

Remember that while the orgasms are great, everything around them (foreplay, romance, sexual massage, cuddling, etc.) is equally important if not more so. It is better to have good sex without an orgasm than bad sex with orgasm. As they say, happiness is not a place that is reached, but a road that runs.



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