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If want it to work well…

Take care of your penis! The penis is the most popular male organ today and forever!Penis Care
Notable for being exposed to overcome gravity in extreme situations, curious and striking.

Many consider the penis as an autonomous and self-efficacy instrument of male pleasure.

The truth is that, besides being the crank of arousal and sexual sensitivity it’s also an important organ of the general health and not just sexual health.

While many say that the penis has no head, the truth is you need to know to care and maintain it in optimal conditions that will allow it to function as a good soldier so it can always be up to the situation.

Just as the penis gives pleasure, it can also cause much pain. With its thousands of nerve endings, a pain in the penis or anywhere else in the genital area is frightfully disastrous.

Little care and some good habits can avoid those dreaded penile discomforts.

General care of the penis:

  • The penis is washed every day for the daily bath.


  • The penis is cleaned like any other body part with water and neutral soap preferably, if there is no neutral soap; use the same soap you use for the rest of the body.
  • If the penis is not circumcised, you should gently retract the foreskin down, and scrub with water in abundance.


  • If the penis is circumcised, pull back the skin of the penis and thoroughly wash the head or glands of the penis.
  • After the bath, dry all the genital area well. This will prevent mildew. If you could, wipe the area with a different cloth than the one you use for the rest of the body, make sure it is completely dry and clean.

The good lover always keeps his penis clean and hygienic


Daily care for the penis:

  • You wake up with a morning erection, what do you do? You push the penis down and force him to go south? Wrong! These actions may cause you injury. Better, give it a few minutes and let the erection fade alone.


  • If you have one of those unexpected erections in the wrong moment, you also have to wait until it passes. Think of something NON-sensual, continue what you were doing and don’t give importance to it, because if you push down the erect penis, you squeeze it against your shorts or pants, or do any action similar to the disappearance of erection.
    You can injure the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the penis, which in future will not have erections where the penis is facing up, but will be diverted down or aside.

  • When you close or open the zipper of your pants, make sure your penis is not in the way or you will regret it! Be careful with the zipper of your trousers, by opening or closing it carefully you can avoid an unforgettably painful pinch.


  • Never apply anything on your penis that is not specifically recommended for that zone. Remember that the skin of the genitals is much more sensitive than the skin of the body. So on the penis just apply the lubricant you bought at the pharmacy or the cream that the doctor ordered for some reason or another.

  • If you go to a tanning bed or a nudist beach, be really careful of exposure to ultraviolet rays on your penis. Exposure to sunlight or artificial sun can cause the skin of the penis to become thicker, which will irritate you and cause great discomfort.


  • Having sex in unusual places such as outdoors or in a swimming pool can irritate or infect the skin of the penis, be careful with the chlorinated pool, ivy grass or infected soil wherever you do it, is better if you put a blanket and do it in a more comfortable way.

Small daily care will make you have a very healthy penis.


The penis in shape!

Did you know that the penis could also be set in shape? Of course you do! It turns out that the penis is formed by two long muscles called spongy and cavernous bulb. The first is responsible for ejaculation and the second to control the erection. Both are equally important for good sexual life.

Let's not forget that in addition to these factors, the brain is a great protagonist of the male erection.

If the penis is well trained, it will have better performances, will not know that is a premature ejaculation and feel better orgasms, even multiple orgasms...!

To put the male reproductive system in shape, the man can make known sexercises, exercises to enhance sexual pleasure. The sexercises don´t work directly on the corpus cavernosum, but on the other surrounding muscles associated with erection and orgasm.

With practice, perseverance and time, called Keggel exercises, part of the sexercises can provide a man with several erections without ejaculation, which gives more than one orgasm in the same session of sex and passion.

If the man suffers from premature ejaculation, some specialized exercises can help control your penis and achieve later orgasms, which work according to the wishes of its owner.

Referred to these exercises, you learn to control the muscular part of the excitement and if we add self-control in our hand to our anxieties and desires, the result will be a rewarding night of sex!



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