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Romantic Enviroment


How to set up a romantic environment?

An adequate romantic environment plays an essential environment in your sex life, because it awakens and makes more receptive your senses. This can be ideal after a hard day of work and tensions, in which your senses have contracted.
For special occasions, we invite you to follow these simple steps so you can increase even more the flame of passion and romance.
The preparation of an ideal environment takes to consider each one of our five senses:

An adequate romantic environment will help you relax your body and to be more receptive to stimulus.


The human being are, most of all, visual creatures. So an adequate environment in your love nest can have a marvelous impact in your intimal life.

Useful tips:

  • Keep a soft and tenuous light. Use a proper lamp. If the light of it is too strong change the bulb to a softer one. ¬†You can also cover the lamp with some type, of a not to dark, fabric, to get the desired illumination.
  • The use of candles is ideal. Try to place them in different places of the room, try to get a tenuous illumination, but strong enough so the lovers can see their bodies and their surroundings.
  • Place some flowers near the bed. It can be single flower or an arrangement of different types of flowers.
  • Order is essential. Make sure your room is not messy or with misplaced objects. A harmony of should prevail in the objects of the room. We do not want distractors, when trying to achieve our main goal. Bed sheds and pillows must be organized and clean.




The smell is one of our most primitive senses. It is said that is the sense that can best recall memories. The proper or improper scent can make the differenceromantic enviroment in a romantic encounter. Put special attention in the aromas that you choose whenever preparing a romantic environment.
Useful tips:

  • Aromatic oils. These loose a pleasant smell when they are heated up. Generally there are special recipients were you can place the candle to generate the effect. If you lack of a candle you can spray some drops of aromatic oil in the light bulb of a lamp, these can recreate the desired effect.
  • Incense. You can get a not to strong incense. These help by bringing fresh and pleasant aromas to harmonize the evening. Do not mix incense with oils when preparing an aromatic environment.
  • Use some kind or perfume or colony of your preference for your body. In general the smell reacts better to fragrances not too strong.
  • Do not forget to take a good shower to eliminate bad odors; a war shower can help you relax even more.


It is proven that music has powerful effects over the human brain. Learn how to use them in your favor at the time of preparing an ideal romantic environment.
Useful tips:

  • Choose soft music that helps you relax. Choose it and set it up what you are going to play before, to avoid the need to change the music in the middle of the romantic session. The volume should be, preferably, low.
  • Interruptions are forbidden. Do not let your senses distract. Focus plainly on your partner and in enjoying. So please turn of or silence the cell phones and the house phone. The tv, if in the room, should be kept off. Keep off any pager or similar device. An ideal romantic environment should be free of interruptions.
  • What you say to your partner is important. The noises or moans will also help to increase the excitement and become an indication of the enjoyment of the moment.
  • Try to find a calm and peaceful place, where there are not many external noises, like traffic.


This sense varies very much form person to person. Learn some of the secrets to accomplish, to your favor, the stimulation of this scent, and to take it on count whenever preparing a romantic environment or romantic dinner.Romantic Enviroment

Useful tips:

  • Primordially, make sure that you take good care of your breath and body so they are clean and perfumed. Take special care of your intimate places.
  • Place, near you, grapes, chocolates, strawberries or other common aphrodisiacs. Remember not to place too much different flavors and that they are just aperitifs.
  • Choose properly the drinks; it can be a good wine, champagne, some type of juice or just cold water. Follow these advices of how to accompany a good wine.
  • The basic rule when you are choosing beverages, wine, champagne or something else: Do not let its flavor eclipse the food.






Now that all four of the other senses are awakened, you will be ready and in the ideal romantic mood for your partner and you to star touching and caring for one another.

Useful tips:

  • Try to make sure your palms are soft, use some type of cream for that.
  • It is important that your nails, most of all in men, to be short and smooth. The skin is very sensible and we do not want to harm it.
  • If you are going to give a massage, there are a lot of oils and creams that will be of great help.
  • Bed sheets are an essential part in the ideal romantic environment.

As a final point, remember that the preparation of a romantic environment is personal and that each couple or partner has their tastes, styles and ideas. Try to use your imagination and do not forget to consider each one of the five senses to accomplish a more intense a pleasant effect. Good luck!



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