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Sensitive sexual concentration

Sensitive sexual concentration


An exquisite and liberating experience!

Sensitive concentration exercises are a series of exercises for couples that drive each of the members to increase their attention to their own feelings. There are many techniques of sexual sensory concentration, exercises that can be practiced either as therapy or at home.
These exercises were originally developed by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson to help couples who were experiencing sexual problems, but can be used in many forms and also to enhance the overall attention to our partner.

The sensitive sexual concentration will challenge your beliefs on how to make of sex a rewarding experience; it will open your mind to a new change, a change that will increase your capacity to feel erotic pleasure.

These exercises are about on how to enjoy a purely physical contact without trying to arouse the other person. These techniques are highly structured in activities of touches and caresses working at different stages. In cases of therapy, specific guidance will be given to solve the couple problems.

The couple finds peace because the benefits of the use of the technique are gradually shown; they feel freedom and peace in every encounter because they feel no pressure to provoke a sexual response from his/her partner.

These exercises should not be confused with foreplay (it is not wrong to use them that way), because the sensitive concentration is the main experience. In fact, these exercises are so rewarding that couples are advised to abstain from sex while practicing this techniques and focus solely on the physical sensations caused during the sensations game.

What makes these exercises are so incredible?

The sensitive concentration works in each of the partners, making each one to progressively pay more and more attention to their feelings each time they are stimulated.
Since this technique was originally developed for couples in therapy, these exercises have helped lovers to overcome problems in the bedroom such as:

Whether you are in couple’s therapy or just want to implement something new in your sex life, pay attention; the feelings aroused by the touch will bring you much profit.

The benefits of sexual sensitive concentration technique are:

  • Discovering new types of caress.
  • Intense feelings.
  • Feel again tingling all over the body, as in the first few times.
  • Increase comfort during the physical intimacy.
  • Better understanding of your partner's body as well as yours.
  • Strengthen ties in the relationship.
  • There is no risk of failure.
  • Improve sexual communication.
  • Intensify sexual arousal.

One of the major benefits, that lovers, can find with this technique is to decrease their anxiety to make of sex a career in search of an orgasm, while they leave themselves get wrapped in the experience of being with the other, touching and feeling their bodies.

Game rules

For the technique to be more effective, some rules have been imposed, to create a more enjoyable experience.
Among these rules are:

  • The breasts and genitals are not to be touched in the first session.
  • Verbal language cannot be used, except that you are feeling pain or discomfort.
  • You should not seek a sexual response (but do not panic if it happens!).
  • After each experience, complete a feedback.


When you go to play a session of sexual sensory concentration, separate, at least, 60 minutes of your time, where they you are not going to have interruptions of any kind and hopefully in a warm room.
You can, if desired, use candles or music to enhance the ambience of the room and if you think it can help, take a hot bath before the meeting.

Go ahead!

Session 1

Once your partner is in a comfortable position, naked, begin by touching and giving him/her caress al over his/her body for 10 minutes.
Use your emotions to guide your movements; you can start from head to foot, from back to front or vice versa.
As you touch his/her body, pay attention to the contours, textures, skin temperature, etc...
Take turns, of 20 minutes, to massage each other.
Then take 20 minutes to explore your own body, focusing always on palpitations and the way it feels, not sexual arousal.

Session 2
Once you have done session 1, you can now touch the breasts and genitals of your partner. But start this session feeling other body parts, emphasize in physical sensation, before going to the sexual organs.
Take turns to tell your partner, through hand placement, the area that you would like to be caressed. This may be a fast or slow touch, with low or high pressure. If necessary, the person can explain the desired caresses, but the one touching must strive to understand the desires of his/her partner without any need for the other to talk.

Session 3
This stage is completely mutual groping, making the interaction more natural and fluid.
The simultaneous strokes can also focus as well on the other body rather than his/her own.
Couples should communicate a lot; say what they enjoy and what they want, without falling into the goal of achieving the orgasm.

Session 4
If the couple is dealing with a sexual problem, they should talk to a sexologist or sex therapist to help them determine if they need more sexual sensitive concentration exercises.
Couples however, they may reach a point where they can end the sense of concentration and have sex without problem.

Establishing new ways to interact with each other, the couple can find themselves having, suddenly, the best sex of their lives!



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