Sex After 50

Sex After 50


Experience, wisdom and plenitude

Maybe it will be hard to imagine it for you, but for many women who have reached "a certain age”, sex seems to be getting better. One of the benefits of being a mature woman is having lived with yourself long enough to know who you are and what you want, along with having the heart to do what you want.

The erotic impulse is not related to age.

If you can breathe, you can feel sexy and be sensual. For many women, once the period is gone forever and do not have to worry about pregnancy, they feel free!

Sex and sexuality are now taking a more global perspective. In fact, older women, believe strongly that the years after the age of 50 are to explore the wonders of sex and satisfaction in deeper levels than ever before.

With sex, to grow older means to be better, knowing for sure what you enjoy, what you dislike, knowing how to give pleasure and receive pleasure.

Of course, society does not recognize fully the wonders of the mature woman.

Many myths and jokes that ridicule women over 50 years, who dare to feel sexually attractive. There is currently very little material on television and film on the positive experiences of active sexuality of mature women.

However, older women comment daily, in the office, laundry or grocery store, on the happiness of the continuity of their sexual life.

Many people value the experience of older women, and find tem physically and emotionally attractive.
Many older men, and some young people, never felt happier in a relationship until when they had one with a mature woman. Regardless of whether they were married or engaged, they were allowed to be excited by her wisdom, intelligence and acumen.



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