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Sexual Aversion

Sexual Aversion


What is sexual aversion?

Sexual aversion disorder is a conduct of persistent fear, disgust, revulsion, avoidance, anxiety or dislike of any sexual conduct, sometimes, even at the thought of sex.
This sexual dysfunction occurs more frequently in women and occasionally in men.

People who suffer from sexual aversion may experience panic attacks, difficulty breathing or phobias to sexual activity

Causes of this sexual aversion

Aversion causes are mostly psychological, but also physical pain can cause hatred and avoidance of sexual practice.

These are the main ones:

  • Sexual trauma such as rape, incest or sexual abuse
  • Repressive familiar environment
  • Restrictive parenting style toward sex
  • Dyspareunia
  • Negative sexual attitudes
  • Misconceptions about sex
  • Frightening images of sex
  • Feelings of guilt, depression, worries, or uncertainty
  • Conflict with the partner

Many people who suffer from sexual aversion get more distressed from the idea of sexual activity than from the act itself.



1-Primary sexual aversion: When is a situation that has always existed? In these cases, the cause is usually a sexual trauma received before sexual activity.

2-Secondary Aversion: Also known as acquired aversion, occurs when the person, after having lived sexuality without problems, gets symptoms of disgust in his intimate life.

3-General aversion: It happens when the behavior of revulsion towards sex happens with all the partner the person has had.

4-Situational aversion: aversion cases are experienced only with certain specific pairs.

How can aversion be treated?

The therapy to combat this aversion is designed to eliminate the cause of this dysfunction to any possible extent.

The behavioral or dynamic psychotherapy is among the best treatment options to decide which of the two is best for the patient, is required to know with certainty the cause of the disorder.

Sometimes couple therapy is effective, in others, not to include the partner in the treatment until the person who suffers the aversion has attained certain achievements from itself with therapy is better.

The search for appropriate information about sex is of big help to eliminate misconceptions and stress on the subject.

Also, reading and educating themselves together on issues of a sexual nature will contribute to live a full and happy sexuality without fear or restrictions.



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