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sexual positions


Erotic Positions: Why should you live a humdrum sex life when there are many positions to enjoy sex for all tastes and pleasures?
It is important to the health of daily living with a partner that sexuality is nurtured with creativity and innovation. To do this, there are thousands of options; however, sexual positions are one of the most important and spicy.
Put salt in your sex life by practicing some of the sexual positions that we show below and let your sexuality find the ultimate pleasure.

Sexual positions to enjoy sitting

The hammock

the hammock The man is sitting on a hard surface with his legs bent and taking the back of his knees.
The woman is accommodated in the space between his legs and trunk. Then he presses her body with his knees pulling her towards him.



The trapezoid

the trapezoid
The man sits with his ​​legs spread and his partner above him. She is taken by the wrists while dropping back. The woman should be relaxed and given to the strength of his companion who attracts her body with his arms.
It is a position that requires some balance of both and the strength and skills of the man. Ideal to change the routine...


The Taming

The Taming He sits comfortably letting his partner fittingly sitting on top of his body letting the erect penis penetrate her.
Within sexual positions, The Taming can be a path to an intense and unforgettable orgasm.



The Armchair

The Armchair The man sits leaning his back on a big pillow, bending his legs and spreading them.
With the help of his hands, the man fits his companion in his erection, controlling both the pace and intensity of penetration. Her legs rest on his shoulders. He can touch her ​​clitoris while holding her waist tightly.



The position of Ying and Yang

ying and yang

Crouching, he gets the woman, who also sits crouched over him; mimic the movements of a hammock, going back and forth with your feet flat on the floor.
Another option is for him to remain still and let her move up until they get to the culminating point of orgasm.
Within sexual positions this ones is an original and funny position, but requires good muscle strength and balance.


The Fusion

the fusion In the fusion sexual position the man slightly inclines his body, leaning back, supporting his weight in his hands. The legs are stretched or bent according to how you and your partner feel more comfortable. The woman should leave her legs beside the body of his companion and supports her body putting her arms behind her body.
The foreplay is very important in this sexual position, since during the penetration this position is hard for the main caresses and kisses.


The position of the courtesan

position of the courtesan

She snuggles up to the edge of the bed or chair.
He kneels to leave his penis at the same height as her vagina, she embraces her partner with her legs and he sets the pace and rhythm of the penetration.
The position of the balance
It is one of the most common sexual positions. The woman sited facing away from him and marking the pas with her feet supported on the floor. He, in turn, can touch her ​​breasts, kissing her neck and pull the hair of his companion as she moves.


Sexual positions to enjoy standing

The trolley

the trolley Standing sexual positions are strong; a clear example is the trolley. The woman is placed at the edge of the bed with the forearms supporting her weight and her legs lifted over the man who stands behind her, holding her by her thighs. The man marks the rhythm bringing her body to his.
The variety of movements and sensations that the trolley sexual position allows are amazing: circular, ascending and descending, with her ​​legs more closed or more open...

Binding of the Wolf

binding of the wolf This sexual position is ideal for those who enjoy having more daring sexual encounters. The man, standing, takes the woman from behind and penetrates her taking her from the waist. She relaxes her whole body until she rests her hands on the floor.
The man can see the anus, buttocks and back, sensual erogenous zones for many.



The union suspended

the union suspended

This is one of sexual positions that require more strength and concentration. The man standing and carrying the woman, she grabs the man's back and then she links her legs tightly around his waist as he supports her by grabbing her buttocks and back.
The woman can support her back against a wall for more support.
It is an exciting sexual position, but is very athletic and difficult to maintain long time unless she is very light.


Sexual positions to enjoy with her being on top

The Amazon

the amazon

Sexual positions that imply the woman being on top are very seductive. In this sexual position the man is left to relax and lie on his back, legs slightly open, bringing your knees toward your chest.
She gets accommodated in squatting conforming themselves to the position taken by him, sitting on their partner's penis slowly.
Your thighs will drive the up-down movement for penetration.


The position of the swing

position of the swing The sexual position of the swing allows for penetration when she sits facing away from him and controlling the movements using her arms.
The man has an easy access to the anus and buttocks of his partner, who can slow down the movements to enjoy anal stimulation or to allow her partner to touch her breasts.


Variant of the swing sexual position

Variante de El sometido

Another way to perform this sexual position is that the woman extends her body backwards; her arms to support herself, on top of her partner and extend her legs forward.
This allows the man to reach her ​​breasts and she can easily support her buttocks in the womb of her partner and make a circular motion.


The position of perfect alignment

position perfect alignment It is ideal for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm and need a very direct stimulation of the clitoris area and the labia.
Moreover, the man can caress the buttocks of his partner, put his fingers in her anus and strongly draw her body again his by graving her buttocks.


Andromaca Position


She directs the rate of penetration sitting on her partner.
It is an exciting position as it allows men to relax and watch the woman above him heat up.
Her hands may rest in his chest or take his penis as in masturbation to heighten the pleasure of both.



Positions to enjoy with him being on top

Reed's position

reed's position Sexual positions that imply him being above are common but exciting! The woman remains lying on her back with legs spread and bent, resting her arms behind her shoulders. When her partner is ready to penetrate, she lifts her hips and rests the bended legs of her partner.
The fatigue that experiences when maintaining the position is rewarded with the powerful orgasm that it can cause.


Windmill blades

windmill blades

Face up, the woman lies on her back with her ​​legs open to receive her partner in this sexual position, leaving the stomach enters the buttocks in front of his face against her legs.
The difference of sensations is remarkable in this type of penetration: clitoris and labia are in full contact with the pelvis and around the penis of the partner.


The deep one

deep one This is a total penetration sexual position, hence its name. With legs elevated, open and resting on the man's chest, his partner puts his penis into her vagina, supporting his hands to regulate the movement.
This is a position that is worth trying because it offers the absolute penetration and a peculiar genital contact.


The catapult

catapult In this case, the man kneels down and gets his partner's vagina, letting her to support the buttocks on his thighs. The woman can spread her legs in her partner’s torso or flex them supporting them in the chest of her partner.
He has easy access to the clitoris, which means he can stimulate the area with his hands and look at the vagina in the foreground. The pace is marked together, according to the desire of both and the flexibility of the women.


The mirror of pleasure

mirror of pleasure She lies on her back, lifts her legs and let him hold his knees supporting himself with the other arm on the floor.
The man enters and takes control. The position allows varying the direction of penetration and the opening of the legs. As in this position caresses and kisses are difficult, foreplay is important to previously raise the excitement of both.



The position of the Moon

position of the moon The legs are intertwined in this sensual and enjoyable position where the woman stays lying down with her legs open waiting for her partner to penetrate her sitting and holding her shoulders to regulate the movement.



Sexual positions to enjoy being side to side

The position of the spoons

position of the spoons With legs together and organized, the woman lies on her side and relaxes as he enters either the vagina or anus (excellent position for anal sex).
The mold is ideal for women who have problems achieving orgasm and / or like to cause friction of the clitoris during intercourse.





To perform this sexual position both must be lying on the side.
The woman passes her leg bended at the knee to the back of her partner; the man enters prying her leg, which rests on his hip.
Penetration is half way but with this sexual position you can end having an extremely exiting orgasm.


The union of the boa

union of the boa

The woman lies all on one side and the man lies on his back to penetrate. She stretches one leg back hugging his waist.
He has easy access to the clitoris and the breasts of his partner. The union of the boa is definitely a sensual position to enjoy both.


Sexual positions to enjoy from behind

Antelope Binding

antelope binding Also known as "doggy stile", this position is passionate.
With both in a position in witch their four extremities rest in the floor or bed, it allows the comfort of man to touch the clitoris or anus of his partner, as well as various movements that give the possibility to the woman to grab, with one hand, the man's testicles.



The Screw

the screw

She lies on the edge of the bed and stretches his legs bent at the side of her body while her partner, kneeled, penetrates her.
This keeps the clit trapped between the labia to allow you to get a precious orgasm more easily.



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