The Kiss

The Kiss

The most intimate characteristic amongst those in love.


An act as simple as pressing our lips on an object or person is considered a symbol of affection, love, brotherhood or desire. Depending on the cultural context in which we find ourselves.

Beyond the symbolic dimension of this gesture, several scientific studies show that kissing, especially between two people, triggers a series of chemical reactions in our body.

Endorphins are responsible for regulating our emotions and moods; they are sensitive to the kiss as a stimulus, causing mostly an increase in oxytocin, a hormone involved in such important functions as birth, lactation, orgasm and the feeling of falling in love.

The same studies shows that, besides the feeling that is produced by the act of kissing, other changes occur in the body that is beneficial to health, reducing considerably the risk of depression and cardiovascular disease.

In the case of passionate kissing, the adrenalin surges in the blood, as well as increased heart rate.

But not all cultures use the lips to kiss. The Eskimos, for example, interpreted the kiss as an act of rubbing the tip of the nose between two people.

In a society through the kiss bonds of friendship and affection are built. There are the erotic ones, which trigger sexual attraction, and those that awake tenderness or compassion.

Kissing is a symbol that speaks of how a culture constructs the relationship with its emotions and body, and it is impossible to isolate the act of the context.
While in some cultures, like Latin American, it may seem an act of the most common greeting with a kiss on the cheek, for others the kiss almost doesn’t exist or is reserved for special occasions with family or moments of great intimacy.

The kiss has been a topic in art. One of the most famous works inspired by this practice is a picture of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, entitled precisely "The Kiss" (1907), showing a man kissing a woman on the cheek with an expression of great tenderness.



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